Hanwei's principal business operations are in two complementary segments of the oil and gas industry as an operator and developer of its own producing and exploratory oil and gas assets in Alberta and Manitoba and as a specialized pipe supplier to the industry, both in Canada and internationally.

Our oil and gas holdings in Canada include our "Leduc Lands" and "Entice Lands" in Alberta totaling some 18,635 acres, and our "Miniota Lands" in Manitoba with an area of mutual interest of approximately 9,600 acres.

Our Glass Reinforced Epoxy ("GRE") pipe manufacturing plant is one of the largest facilities of its kind with 22 production lines and is located in Daqing, China. This facility holds both API15HR and API15LR monograms qualified by the American Petroleum Institute.

We consider our oil and gas operations and our GRE pipe manufacturing business as complimentary business operations. Experience and activities as an oil and gas producer in Canada provide first hand, end user insight applicable to our engineering, manufacturing and client service activities in our GRE pipe manufacturing. Likewise, installation, quality control and R&D experience from our GRE pipe business unit are utilized in our own oil and gas AFE planning, maintenance and production activities.

Hanwei is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and headquartered in Vancouver.

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