Corrosion, weight and extended performance are major considerations in the marine applications of FRP pipe. FRP pipe operates with a much longer service life in harsh ocean environments. Under the same conditions FRP pipe holds a replacement rate that is 2 to 3 times that of steel pipe.

FRP pipe is considerably less weight than steel which can provide significant savings in offshore platform and ship installations and overall weight considerations. In addition, FRP pipe does not require the use of welding tools and heavy lifting equipment and is fast and efficient to install reducing downtime in operations.

The reliable performance of FRP pipe systems minimizes down time operating losses that can have substantial financial impact to operators. Hanwei's manufacturing capability and capacity also allows emergency orders to be produced and shipped immediately. R&D and engineering expertise allows new solutions to be developed to overcome longstanding or specific operating issues.


  • Distribution lines
  • Cooling water lines
  • Drainage lines
  • Processing drinking water
  • Ballast piping
  • Residue lines
  • Pollutant discharge pipeline
  • Other corrosive media transmission piping

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