FRP pipe systems have increasingly become the superior choice for piping used in the oil and gas industry due to the higher performance of FRP pipe over the more corrosive steel pipe. Hanwei FRP pipe systems can fulfill the demanding requirements of the oil and gas business providing benefits in cost, maintenance, down time, and performance in demanding and complex industrial environments.


  • Oil gathering and transmission (line pipe, flow lines, single well, trunk, branch and outside-transmission)
  • Down-hole tubing and casing
  • Injection system pipeline - water, CO2 and injection agents (polymer, strong alkali and surfactant agents)
  • Gathering and transmission stations
  • Oilfield sewage and waste water transmission and reinjection pipe
  • Oilfield firefighting system pipe
  • Other corrosive media transmission pipe

Product Offering

Hanwei supplies the following products and services to the oil and gas industry:

Project Examples