Our wholly owned production facility located in Daqing, China is the largest in Asia. It includes 22 FRP pipe production lines with an annual production capacity of over 4,000 kilometers of pipe for a variety of small and large diameters and pressure ratings and complimented with the most comprehensive range of fittings and engineering services available.

Large scale FRP production capacity allows Hanwei to simultaneously produce a range of FRP products for varying applications with no erosion to quality assurance standards. Hanwei's production facility can produce up to 15 kilometers of pipe each day. We have the capacity to vary production cycles to meet the time and delivery requirements of our clients for both large orders and emergency repair orders if required.

Hanwei's exclusive integrated production technology of resins, glass fiber, winding technology and curing processes creates FRP pipe products and fittings that hold superior structural, material and pressure ability. All of our products are characterized for their outstanding corrosion resistance, scale and paraffin deterrence, low coefficient of friction resistance, low distance pressure-drop, easy installation and high safety and operating reliability.

Hanwei's production lines utilize computer controlled technologies developed specifically by Hanwei to ensure winding, wrapping, glass fiber angle applications, and resin applications are uniformly applied to meet and exceed the highest international standards. Specific curing agent formulas developed by Hanwei saturate and impregnate the fiberglass and maximizing product integrity. Hanwei's proprietary composite reinforced curing technology regulates the curing process during production maximizing material and structural integrity of Hanwei's FRP products. Hanwei utilizes both IR external cured production and steam injected mandrels for internal cured production to ensure heat penetration is even and uniform creating superior integrity of its FRP products.

World Leading Expertise in FRP Pipe Engineering

Hanwei's production centre includes an advanced FRP engineering and R&D center. Ongoing commitment to R&D ensures client requirements are continually exceeded to meet the needs of a variety of applications in an ever changing and dynamic industry. Hanwei holds the expertise and extensive testing and R&D facilities to develop and test new products and applications according to client requirements and needs.