Hanwei provides engineering construction, installation and design services in all aspects of piping with the highest reputation for project supervision, installation, engineering design and technical support.


  • World leading expertise in FRP pipe engineering
  • Hanwei's production centre includes an advanced FRP engineering and technological center co-ordinated with the leading Chinese government industry agencies
  • Commitment to R&D ensures client requirements are continually exceeded to meet the needs of a variety of applications in ever changing dynamic industry
  • Large scale FRP production facility allows a variety of FRP pipe for a variety of applications to be produced simultaneously with no erosion to quality assurance standards
  • Extensive testing and quality assurance regime for every FRP pipe product produced by Hanwei
  • FRP expertise is Hanwei's core business, core technology and core intellectual property. Hanwei holds 25 patents for Hanwei developed FRP technologies.


  • Hanwei's exclusive integrated production technology of resins, glass fiber, winding technology and curing processes creates FRP pipe products and fittings that hold superior structural, material and pressure ability.
  • Hanwei's production lines utilize computer controlled technologies which developed specifically by Hanwei to ensure winding , wrapping , glass fiber angle applications, and resin applications are uniformly applied to meet and exceed the highest standards.
  • Such systems also provide a range of structures that provide flexibility of jointing methods depending on the type, size, rating and application of FRP pipe
  • Specific curing agent formulas developed by Hanwei saturate and impregnate the fiberglass more effectively reducing any air entrainment and maximizing product integrity.
  • Hanwei's proprietary composite reinforced curing technology regulates the curing process during production maximizing material and structural integrity of Hanwei's FRP products.
  • Hanwei utilizes both IR external cured production and steam injected mandrels for internal cured production to ensure heat penetration is even and uniform creating superior integrity of its FRP products.