Excellent Durability and Corrosion Resistance

  • Internal and external surfaces resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, crude oil, residues, injection water and bacteria including CO2, H2S and saltwater in aggressive and caustic environments.

High Standards of Performance and Long Service Life (20 - 25 years)

  • Up to 3,600 PSI continued operating pressure
  • Up to 93°C continued operating temperatures
  • Deep hole capability to 1,500 meters
  • Cathodic protection not required

Superior Flow Characteristics

  • Smoother interior pipe surface increases flow dynamics and resists scaling
  • Flow co-efficient is better than steel. Allows for downsizing of piping system or decreased pumping costs.

Reduced Installation Cost - Excellent Value

  • Light weight and easy to handle. Fewer personnel and equipment needed for installation. At 1/4 the weight of steel, handling and installation costs are reduced substantially
  • Cheaper than steel.

Low Maintenance

  • Corrosion resistance lowers maintenance cost in both above ground or buried pipeline applications. (If a failure was to occur for any reason Hanwei pipe systems are designed such that a possible failure is indicated early by weeping at the pipe body to indicate a potential issue that can be detected and repaired and not an accelerated, catastrophic failure in the joints or pipe wall).