We are not the only producer of FRP pipe. We are the leader in FRP Pipe Solutions and Systems.

Committed to serving our Clients. We have a proven track record as the leading producer of FRP pipe systems in Asia and the preferred choice for very demanding, long standing clients including CNPC and SINOPEC.

We specialize in high pressure FRP applications. This is the most demanding technologically advanced application of FRP for line pipe and down hole use in the oil and gas industry. From this expertise we bring superior understanding, R&D expertise, cost savings and application solutions to large diameter and low pressure installations in challenging environments such as oil and gas, marine and offshore applications, salt water cooling systems, waste water, brine plants and others.

Expertise in Engineering and Solution Solving. We Design, Engineer, Produce, Replace, Repair. Our goal is to fully support our clients with confidence and competence for a long term respected and valued relationship. If it doesn't exist Hanwei can engineer and produce it. If it does exist Hanwei can improve it.

Capacity and Flexibility. We have the scale in our production facilities to satisfy the technical and delivery demands for large production runs as well as the flexibility to insert emergency replacement or repair orders to immediately serve client needs anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Service Network. Our worldwide service network is fully supported by regional offices and extensive international agents.