FRP pipe is a non-metal product made through the continuous winding of fiberglass filament that is saturated in a proprietary formula of epoxy resin and curing agents and utilizing specialized winding and heat curing techniques. Hanwei's epoxy resins have a particular molecular chain structure that provides a superior chemical bonding and curing system. Utilizing fiberglass as an integrated element these molecular features work together to form a 3-dimensional network of greater structural integrity in material strength, smoothness, corrosive resistance, porosity and capillary resistance, thermal and anti-conductivity features.

Steel pipe is particularly prone to corrosion and scaling that incurs high costs for both ongoing maintenance and emergency repair. As steel pipe lines deteriorate their transmission capacity reduces which has a direct impact on commercial operations, increasing costs and lowering profitability.

As an effective solution to overcome these issues Hanwei's FRP pipe products and services are selected as the preferred replacement to steel pipe. Hanwei's comprehensive FRP product range includes a wide variety of pipe diameters, fittings and fixtures, and connection methods in high, medium, and low pressure ratings. All of our products are characterized for their outstanding corrosion resistance, scale and paraffin deterrence, low coefficient of friction, low distance pressure-drop, easy installation, high safety and operating reliability.