Fire-prevention System Project

ClientYan Du Di Yi Cheng Housing Project, Daqing, China
ProjectFire-prevention system of Yan Du Di Yi Cheng
ApplicationFire-prevention pipeline
Length Installed4.64 kilometers
SystemAcid Anhydride-cured FRP Piping DN200-100 PN3.5

Brine Transmission Pipelines in Jiangxi

ClientJiangxi Soda Ash Co. Ltd, China
Project New Brine Transmission Pipelines in 1 Mtpa Associated Alkali Project
ApplicationBrine transmission water reclaim pipeline
Length Installed17 kilometers
SystemAnhydride-cured FRP piping DN350 PN1.5

High-pressure FRP Pipelines for Brine Transmission

ClientHenan Longyu International Trade Co. China
ProjectHigh-pressure FRP Pipelines of Yongyin Chemical Industry Co.
ApplicationSalt Chemical brine transmission
Length Installed3.8 kilometers
SystemAnhydride-cured FRP Piping DN150 PN12

Yonglong Brine-recovery Pipelines Project

ClientYonglong Company, Henan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd, China
ProjectMine Brine-recovery Pipelines of Yonglong Salt Project
ApplicationBrine-recovery pipeline
Length Installed5 kilometers
SystemAcid Anhydride-cured FRP Piping DN150 PN12

Zhenjiang Salt chemical brine transmission

ClientZhenjiang Salt Chemical Co., Ltd, CNSIC, China
ProjectWater Reclaim Project Pipelines
ApplicationSalt chemical brine transmission
Length Installed7 kilometers
SystemAcid Anhydride-cured FRP Piping DN400 PN2.0