Algiers Downhole Tubing Project

ClientAlgerian Oilfield Co.
ProjectAlgerian Downhole Pipe Project
ApplicationDownhole pipe injection system
Length Installed13.2 kilometers
SystemAcid Anhydride-cured FRP Piping DN65 PN14

Jintan Underground Gas Storage Project

ClientNational Board of West-to East Natural Gas Transmission Project, China
ProjectJintan Underground Gas Storage Project
ApplicationHigh-pressure large-caliber water injection; high-concentration brine injection and transmission
Length Installed34 kilometers
System Acid Anhydride-cured FRP Piping DN150 PN12/DN150 PN2.5

M.I.S. Oilfield Project

Client NIOC, Iran
Project M. I. S. Oilfield
Application Station pipeline for injection system
Length Installed7 kilometers
System Acid Anhydride-cured FRP Piping DN50-DN 200/PN10

Oil Production Project in Kazakhstan

ClientNorth Buzachi Oilfield Company, Kazakhstan
ProjectOil-producing Blocks R1, R2& R3
ApplicationOil/water Gathering & transmission system
Length Installed100 kilometers
SystemAromatic Amine-cured FRP Thermal-insulation Piping DN100 PN7/DN150 PN7/DN200 PN7

Qian'an Oil Production Plant Daqingzi Block Construction Project

ClientJinlin Oilfield Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation
ProjectQian'an Oil Production Plant Daqingzi Block Construction Project
ApplicationGathering system pipeline and injection system pipeline
Length Installed508 kilometers
SystemInsulated FRP pipe DN40 PN7/DN50 PN5.5/DN80 PN5.5/DN100 PN5.5/DN150 PN5.5, High pressure FRP pipeDN40 PN25/DN50 PN25/DN65 PN25/DN80 PN25

Sinopec Corp. Oil Transfer Station Project

ClientSinopec Corp.
Project Beihanzhuang Oil Transfer Station, Eastern China Subdivision
ApplicationStation process pipes
SystemDN40 PN7/DN50 PN5.5/DN65 PN5.5/DN80 PN5.5/DN100 PN5.5/DN150 PN3.5