Client Satisfaction is Our Reputation. 100% Quality Assurance Systems.

Hanwei establishes a complete set of scientific and feasibility quality assurance systems, and has achieved ISO9001:2000 certificate standing, API SPEC Q1, API15HR and ISO14001. Product development, production, sales, engineering installation and after-sale service are all strictly in accordance with related standards and technical specifications, ensuring reliable product design and manufacturing. Guidelines are specifically designed to aid customers from production, processing and post production.

Every individual Hanwei pipe, fitting and flange that is provided to our clients must exceed our stringent and proprietary, quality control, hydro-testing system at a minimum of 1.5x our product’s operating pressure rating.

Hanwei Product and Performance Standards

  • API 15HR-2001: Specification for High Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe
  • API 15LR-2001: Specification for Low Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe
  • ASTM D2996: Specification for Filament Wound Fiberglass (Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Resin) Pipe
  • ASTM D2992: Practice for Obtaining Hydrostatic or Pressure Design Basis for Fiberglass (Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Resin) Pipe and Fitting
  • ASTM D1599: Test Method for Short-Time Hydraulic Failure Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings
  • ASTM D2105: Test Method for Longitudinal Tensile Properties Fiberglass Pipe and Tube
  • ASTM D695: Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics.
  • ASTM D696: Test Method for Coefficient Installedar Thermal Expansion of Plastics Between ‐30°C and 30°C.
  • API SPECIFICATION STANDARD 5B: Specification for Threading, Gauging, and Thread Inspection of Casing, Tubing, and Line Pipe Threads (U. S. Customary Units).
  • ASTM D2143: Test Method for Cyclic Pressure Strength of Reinforced, Thermosetting Plastic Pipe.
  • ASTM D1598: Test Method for Time-to-Failure of Plastic Pipe Under Constant Internal Pressure.