Hanwei's Leduc Lands offers low and medium risk, multi-zone potential. The Nisku zone is Hanwei's primary target on its immediate drill program.

  • The Nisku is a dolomitic reservoir containing slightly sour (0.2-2.5% H2S) light oil (38 degree API). The Nisku is about 30 to 35 metres thick and subdivided into "A", "B" & "C" porosity intervals, from top to bottom. Horizontal well technology is applicable to produce the remaining oil & gas in the Nisku "A" & "B" zones.
  • The Wabamun is a by-passed dolomitic reservoir in the Leduc area. The Wabamun dolomite produces both medium oil (22 degree API) and natural gas (2.5%H2S). The Wabamun D porosity produces oil from two existing wells indicating great potential for HZ development.
  • The Ellerslie sandstone is a marine facies, thin but regional sandstone reservoir. The net pay ranges from 2 to 5 m with an average porosity of 16% and permeability of 50 md. There are oil shows (in core and from DSTs) throughout T50-26W4 which may indicate a potential pool on a larger scale. Hanwei perforated an existing Ellerslie vertical well.